Sudair Pharma, Saudi Arabia

Complete start-to-finish (turnkey) solution for Sudair’s pharma oncology Injectables and powder facility complete with HVAC, contatinment system, high purity water system, electricals, BMS and fire fighting system.

Fabtech’s strategies, personnel and detailed project plans are simply impressive! Despite the harsh weather conditions, different living culture, logistics and visa challenges, Fabtech stuck with the agreed plans and timelines. They did not compromise on quality or delivery. Everyone on the team plays a role in the delivery of the project, and that’s what makes Fabtech so successful. Both Fabtech and our project have become a reference for pharmaceutical projects in the region.

Yunis Ahmad
Sudair Pharma Company

Services Provided

Facility Size

19,836 sqm


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Duration

July 2016 - March 2018