Laboratoires des Médicaments et Prémix, Tunisia

Complete start-to-finish (turnkey) solution for LMP’s powder and liquid line at their Elfahs facility in Tunisia completed in 5 months including 1500 sq. m cleanroom modular panels, cleanroom equipment, HVAC with BMS, black utility and clean utility services. This project was validated and qualified per European standards with 100% FAT, as well as a successful third party inspection by French company, BureauVeritas over a period of 4 months.

We appreciate Fabtech’s dedication and cooperation with our small project. The support we have received from the entire team has enriched our experience. There has been a great deal of trust on both sides all throughout the process and we appreciate them going the extra mile to accomodate our requirements for FAT and as well as inspection by an independent third party.

Mohamed Karim MARZOUK, Project Manager
LMP, Tunisia

Services Provided

Facility Size

1500 sqm

Project Duration

June 2018 to October 2018