Jay Formulations, Ahmedabad

Cleanroom infrastructure and complete oral solids project for Jay Formulations, Ahmedabad. Scope of work included supply and installation of modular cleanroom partitions and entire line for wet granulation equipment from high shear mixer to Conta blender including vacuum transfer system and automatic coating machine.


We were cautioned by a consultant not to work with Fabtech because they did not have a manufacturing facility. When the Fabtech team heard this they only asked that we visit any of our manufacturing facilities and then make up our mind. After reviewing everything in detail we took a conscious decision to go ahead with Fabtech and today I am very happy we did the project with them. Both the modular panels and the complete granulation line are top class and comparable to global standards. Their people coordinated with us very effectively and they were very receptive during the commissioning of the facility.

Vikram Duscrecha, President Technical
Jay Formulations Ahmedabad

Project Scope

250 Kg Granulation Line; 3700 Sqm modular partitions

Project Duration

December 2017 to September 2018