The prefilled syringe advantage

Medical professionals have responded positively to the benefits of prefilled technologies. Studies have shown that an overwhelming number of healthcare professionals prefer prefills to standard syringes.

Prefilled syringes are not only easy to use, they also uphold the strength, quality, purity or potency of the drug over its shelf life. As a delivery system, it ensures the appropriate dosage is administered to the patient avoiding human error, especially in emergency situations or remote locations where access to a healthcare professional is often a challenge.

INTRODUCING Fabtech's FilPac machine, ingenious technology that saves lives

Fabtech’s FilPac machine has been designed and built to conform to GMP standards. It meets the most stringent quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in a wide range of formats and will meet the varied needs of every customer.

This ingenious system comprises of

1. Robotic Tyvek Removal System

1. Automatically opens tub barrels and peels them off
2. A de-lidding and de-lining machine to open sterile tubes
3. An infeed conveyor
4. A waste receptacle
A lid removal station

The system allows for the gentle transfer of the pen tub to the filling machine and can be enclosed in ORABS/CRABS/Isolator as per product requirement

2. Syringe Filling and Closing Machine

This machine is a fully Automatic filling and closing machine to process disposable, nested syringes. It is designed in a modular system and prepared for max 5 pumps output from 6000/hr (2 land) up to 8500/hr (5 land). It has a compact, superior construction and the highest dosing accuracy that also assures sterility throughout the entire process. Size changeovers are easy to execute and settings for dosing volume, filling needle movement and stopper position are easily reproducible. It is a time pressure filling system with peristaltic pumps. This machine is available in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic infeed system.

Technical Information
Syringes size: 0.5 – 50 ml nested syringes
Infeed: X-Y table
Dosing volume: 0.1- 50ml depending on selected pump size
Dosing system: Rotary piston pumps
Filling heads: 1-10ml
Output: 6000 syringes/hr
Capacity: 120 tub/hr

3. Syringe Packaging System

This system consists of

A. Automatic Syringe de-nester for removing syringes from the nest
1 land infeed chute for approximately 1 nest
Intermittent nest transport
Pneumatic controlled vertical and horizontal shaft for removing syringes
Syringe pick up rail for one complete row of syringes
Discharge chute for empty nests
Infinitely adjustable speed

B. Fully Automatic Rotary Plunger Rod inserting machine
This system has a plunger rod insertion module (single-lane version), with plunger rod infeed, pick up and swivelling unit, gripper movement unit, vibratory sorting bowl, 550mm for plunger rods.
Inclined infeed chute for plunger rods with min/ max, accumulation SENSOR
Plunger rod inserting plungers
Syringe rotation drive with slip clutch, speed and torque allow fine adjustment.
Finished in stainless steel

Technical Data
Syringe size: 1 – 10ml
Plunger rod: 1 – 10ml
Backstop: 1 – 5 ml
Capacity: 3500 syringes/hr
All safety interlocking and sensors as per GMP and FDA requirement. CE compliant.

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